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Creative Counseling Nashville
Mindful Nashville Leadership Team/Facilitator

What does mindfulness mean to you?
Mindfulness to me is about making my internal knowing and well-being a priority. I can't take care of myself if I don't know how I'm feeling or what I need, and being more mindful of myself day-to-day, bothering to connect to myself as I walk through my life, helps me feel more able to me my own advocate and ally.

What initially led you to begin your practice?
I got into yoga as a teenager and was also an actor, so I was exposed to practices and aspects of mindfulness in conjunction with those things. I am also a child of hippies, so I was exposed to eastern philosophies somewhat just through living with my parents. My dad would remind me that I was "choosing" my feelings, for example, and that my little brother couldn't "make me feel anything", even though he was so annoying! 

How do you incorporate mindfulness into your counseling?
I bring concepts like acceptance, non-judgment, non-attachment, or internal presence into my work regularly with clients, because I've found that principles and practices of mindfulness can be supportive to a healthy relationship with oneself and increased ease in life. I often encourage clients to find a way that is meaningful and interesting for them to incorporate aspects of mindfulness, whatever that may look like.