Mindful Therapy


Patrick M. Nitch, LPC-MHSP

Licensed Psychotherapist

What is Mindful Therapy?

Mindful Therapy is an approach to psychotherapy that integrates mindfulness skills and practice and provides a healing space to practice the art of non-judgmental awareness and acceptance of the present moment as it is, while also developing tools of change to find freedom from patterns and cycles of suffering. 

Why Mindful Therapy?

All of us experience pain. Often, the ways we learned to avoid pain and cling to some source of pleasure can compound our suffering. Mindful therapy provides the skills and tools to manage pain and suffering so that no matter what life may throw at you, it is possible to find joy and peace.

How do you incorporate mindfulness into your counseling and recovery work?

When we are caught in a cycle of suffering, the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is reach out for support. Healing does not happen in isolation, but in community. And as a therapist, I can serve as a companion on the path into a community and into healing. So the same presence of curiosity, compassion and loving-kindness that I practice cultivating within my own experience, I help others cultivate in their experience. One of my intentions is often to bring a lightness and sense of humor to what is often quite heavy and quite serious. Therapy can quickly become an art. Every person is different and yet the same. We are all headed in a similar direction towards freedom from suffering, but our paths are often quite different, and we often need different directions to navigate towards that liberation. 

How do I start?

Individual therapy appointments are available at Mindful Nashville Monday-Friday. Click the “learn more” button below to be directed to the Mindful Therapy Nashville website where you can contact Patrick and learn more about Mindful Therapy.