Mindful Mentoring & Recovery

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Mikey Noechel, MS

Mindfulness teacher and Recovery Coach

What is Mindful Mentoring & Recovery?

How do you incorporate mindfulness in your recovery work?

Addiction is just a crappy substitute for self love. I’ll admit it, for awhile, drinking helped me out a lot. It helped me shut out some of the parts of myself I couldn’t make space for. Alcohol helped shut my anxiety, depression, and thoughts of isolation up so I could get through the day. Unfortunately, I also created a big mess and a lot of harm with my addiction. Addiction is just a repetitive, reactive attempt to manage some of our internal aspects of ourselves that we may be too scared to love. Through mindfulness we create a container to approach our inner demons with care and compassion. That is true self love. For me, love is just a synonym for connection. Through mindfulness we find a way to not only connect with the parts of ourselves that we like, but we also learn to connect with the parts that we’ve been shutting out. Once we start to know the parts of ourselves we’ve been avoiding, we don’t need our addictions to cover them up anymore. So through sitting mindfully as well as being in community with like minded folks, we start to live more fully by experiencing life directly. 

How do I start?

Individual appointments are available with Mikey in the Mindful Nashville Building at 100 Taylor Street, suite A-7. Click the “learn more” button below to be directed to the Mindful Therapy Nashville website where you can contact Mikey and learn more about Mindful Mentoring and Recovery .