The Sanctuary Society 

How do you practice?

I help you learn to get into a creative space for yourself, a space of mindfulness and non-judgment. In this space you discover a richer sense of knowing who you are and embracing your being with compassion and empowerment.

Where did you learn to practice?

My practice has and will continue to transform as I continue to on my path of self-discovery. Through creative and mindful practices of my own I am led toward receiving guidance from other teachers when the flow of life presents them. Some of the teachers I have had have come in the forms of other psychotherapists, coaches, meditation teachers and meditation itself, experiential workshops, energy work, books…I could go on and on.

 “The very effort to “become” is a barrier- because you are already carrying your being with you. You need not become anything- simply realize who you are, that’s all. Simply realize who is hidden within you.” - Osho