Creative/Expressive Arts Groups


Altered Scripts


Mondays 7:00-8:30pm

Next 6-week series starts September 9

Altered Scripts is a 6-week creative workshop series dedicated to helping you re-write your life-script to reflect your truth and authenticity. Our intention is to hold space for vulnerable expression & life-changing creativity throughout the course of this six-week series.

Creative coach, May Wild, is here to assist us in rewriting our life scripts to reflect the authenticity of your true self. Humble Savage will then help us turn those life scripts into a document called the Agenda Archive. We're searching for creativity, for authenticity, for connection.If you're searching for it too, let's do this together.

Glow Mandala Painting

GLOWImgage (1).jpg

Special Event: Glow Mandala Painting

August 17th after Germantown Art Crawl 8pm-10pm

Mandala, Sanskrit for ‘circle’ or ‘completion’ is a symbol that represents the universe.  It is used to aid in meditation and to expand the consciousness into the greater field of inner knowing.  It represents the self as a whole.

Discover the ancient art of mandala creation in the fun and unique environment of ultraviolet.

Soul Expressions

Soul (1).jpg

Workshop: Soul Expressions

Contact us to learn of future workshops!

In this workshop we use an array of expressive play techniques to connect ourselves to our senses, explore our emotions and dance with our unconscious before blindly approaching our “canvas” with paint.