Altered Scripts

Altered Scripts is a 6-week creative workshop series dedicated to helping you re-write your life-script to reflect your truth and authenticity.

Next 6-week series starts Monday, August 19! Classes meet Mondays 7-8:30pm.

Note to Self: the perspective you hold about yourself and your place in the world has been deeply impressed upon the subconscious mind. As you come to grow and evolve as a conscious creator, as you break through and begin to live your life as an authentic and powerful leader, you will be challenged to let go of the beliefs that no longer serve you. It can be hard to change, especially when there are people in your life that want you to stay the same; but this workshop is designed to help you breakthrough for TH¥SELF. Now is the time to open up real wide, to turn your mind inside out to live conscious.

Creative coach, May Wild, is here to assist us in rewriting our life scripts to reflect the authenticity of your true self. Humble Savage will then help us turn those life scripts into a document called the Agenda Archive.Our intention is to hold space for vulnerable expression & life-changing creativity throughout the course of this six-week series.

The series accommodates for 8 guests. We kindly request you join us for all 6 weeks in order to provide for deeper communal connection through the course of the series. In this workshop, you will come together in circle to address & express your limiting beliefs, ultimately discovering the inspiration & empowerment that lays within re-writing the scripts.

We're searching for creativity, for authenticity, for connection.If you're searching for it too, let's do this together.

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